What People Are Saying

"I have already posted information on this program, but am posting again because I think it's a great program to offer at your library if you have the means. Also, the instructor just became the WORLD Freestyle Frisbee Champion this past summer in Germany!! (He won the title in 2004, as well.)

The instructor's name is Todd Brodeur. It's an all-ages program. (Our program was for grades five through twelve.)

Todd gives a fun and informative talk about the science and history of the Frisbee, shows off his Frisbee collection, performs a bunch of tricks, and then he gives the participants time to try the tricks themselves. He is a very professional, serious athlete. He is also fun and funny, and does a very nice job relating to the kids on their level."

Roxanne Starkin - Young Adult Librarian
Bellingham Public Library - Bellingham, MA

"I have heard from a lot of teachers today that their students came up and talked nothing but Frisbee for a period. They greatly enjoyed the show. We followed up your performance by playing ultimate Frisbee today. All three of us (P.E. teachers greatly enjoyed the performance as well). Thanks a lot for yesterday."

Howie King - P.E. Teacher
Tri-County High School - Franklin, MA

"Thank you, again, from the Clapp Memorial Library in Belchertown! Let us know if you are out our way again. I know my boys and I have been playing more Frisbee and my 9 year old has learned some of the tricks you taught at the day camp."

Jennifer Whitehead

"Thank you for the recent Frisbee demonstration you did for our library. The kids really enjoyed themselves! It's always nice when the kids can learn and have fun at the same time. I had many parents tell me afterward what a great program it was. Good luck at this year's World Championship!"

Sarah Chapdelain

Students from George R. Martin Elementary School

"Dear Frisbee Man, I enjoyed your show very much. I think it is so cool that you teach kids about Frisbee. I think your best trick is the topsey turvey. Your modern light-up Frisbee was my favorite. You make your audience extremely excited. Children love seeing your show."

Warm regards,
Vanessa M.

"Dear Frisbee Man, You are very talented! I thought your show was amazing. My favorite trick was when you rolled the Frisbee across your arms. I also liked when you showed us all of the neat Frisbees in your collection. I hope you come back to our school."

Julia C.

"Dear Todd, You do the coolest tricks! I would have never thought of doing freestyle Frisbee. My absolute favorite disc was the one with the changing lights. My favorite tricks are the roll and the flamingo. your show was amazing and left me breathless."

Your friend,
Thomas H.

"Dear Todd, Your performance was spectacular! I thought some of the tricks you did seemed almost impossible. Your best trick was when you rolled it down your arms and the topsey turvey."

Safe Regards,
Jason C.

Teachers from George R. Martin Elementary School

"We really enjoyed your show. It was awesome! We have many favorite Frisbees. There are so many designs. The tricks were also very cool. Hope you can come back to our school."

Miss Steitz' 2nd grade Class

"My class really enjoyed your program and all the different Frisbees. I also liked the mini messages embedded in your presentation. Hopefully the children will be motivated to get out and play. Thanks again"

Mrs. McCoffrey's 1st grade Class

"Thank you for a very entertaining show. It was awesome. We can tell that you practice a lot. Your tricks and collection was very cool. We enjoyed watching and trying the tricks you showed us. It was the best show we've ever seen. Wow!"

Mrs. Braganca's 2nd grade Class

"What a wonderful show! Thank you for visiting our school. We loved all the amazing stunts you can do with a Frisbee. we also enjoyed learning the history of the Frisbee and the stories behind your collection. We hope you come back again."

Ms. St. Jacques' 2nd grade Class

"Thanks for the great show! It was fun watching you do all your cool tricks. We hope you come back next year to teach us more."

Mrs. Archambault's Kindergarten Class

"Thank you so much for sharing such a unique talent with us. We were all engaged and now motivated to play this sport. Your demonstration was not only fun to watch but inspiring as well. Thank you, Good luck next year."

Ms. Perera's 4th grade Class

Teachers from John Carver Elementary School

"The students truly benefited from this performance. They were engaged and couldn't wait to buy their own Frisbee. What a great way to inspire and motivate the kids!"

Mrs. Lombardis 3rd grade Class

"Our class had such a wonderful time watching your Frisbee show. They were excited to see your tricks and collection. You sent some great messages to the kids about staying active, staying away from drugs and recycling. Thank you, it was great."

Mrs. Kelly's 3rd grade Class

"The children totally enjoyed your Frisbee demonstration. Encouraging healthy, constructive activities is a wonderfully positive message."

Mrs. Dobraty's 3rd grade Class

"Thank you for the wonderful Frisbee demonstration. They were very excited to try to master the techniques shown. The positive messages and reminders are very helpful in reinforcing our school's mission."

Mrs. Kent's 3rd grade Class

"Todd-Thank you for the incredible presentation you did for our scouts-Pack 43-Pembroke. This was a great way for our cubs to remember their Blue & Gold celebration of 2010."

Barb Devine

"Thanks so much for coming out to give our children a super show. the kids loved it!"

Sandra Henry
Children's Librarian