About Todd Brodeur

Todd Brodeur

Todd Brodeur lives in Massachusetts and has been playing Frisbee since he was a child. He's been seriously involved in all aspects of the sport for over thirty years. He started out tossing Frisbees with friends and family in the backyard and progressed to playing long toss in a large open field with friends. Todd's uncle, Gary Brodeur, was influential in Todd's life and taught him many throws, catches and tricks. In 1981 Gary brought Todd to his first Frisbee tournament in Philadelphia, where he saw the best freestyle players in the world compete. Todd was amazed, and that was a turning point for him.

Todd began practicing more and continued to learn many new moves and tricks. He also started playing Ultimate, Disc Golf and overall events. He attended local tournaments and quickly made friends with many of the top players in New England. He slowly improved and started competing in 1983. After winning his first Massachusetts state tournament in 1989, Todd continued competing and has won over 40 state and regional titles. The Freestyle World Championships were held in Italy in 2004, and with two great partners, Paul Kenny and Larry Imperiale, Todd won his first World title in the co-op division and then again in Berlin, Germany in 2006. That was the same year that Gary Auerbach from Spinning Bees taught Todd about his programs and how to put a show together and teach Frisbee skills. Todd is forever grateful.

The simple beauty of a Frisbee flying in the air still fills Todd with joy, and it brings him great pleasure to perform and teach this life-long healthy recreational activity to children and adults at all different levels.